The Three Colours trilogy marked my move from July into August, and amusingly the fledgling judge in Red is called Auguste. I don’t know why I chose Three Colours: Blue—actaully, I do remember. I ordered my iTunes movies by date purchased, and it was the oldest film I still hadn’t watched. May 2014, so over seven years ago. I had the trilogy as a VHS box set in the mid-nineties, along with Miller’s Crossing, Alien, Lone Star and Die Hard, and I would lug them in carrier bags as I moved between my grotty flats. That’s a pretty accurate reflection of my taste now too. Not the grottiness but the range of genres.

Twenty-five years later, Blue blew me away, White was pristine (but hard to love, lol), and Red was the perfect finale. I watched White and Red together, today, just before I started this post, and that allowed me to see all the little character overlaps. The thing I love most about Krzysztof Kieślowski is the way he manages to show you something important and new, with feeling, when you are not expecting it, usually through imagery, but also connections between events, lines of dialogue, and ideas. He doesn’t give you it all on a plate. He leaves space. A true act of artistic generosity.