Blogging with Jekyll

I’ve updated this website, hopefully in ways that aren’t obvious to the reader, but that let me have more control (and fun) in the months ahead. It’s been through several iterations over the years. The last one was built with PHP, used a .htaccess file and a PHP script to create clean URLs, and was statically generated from markdown files, so there was no connection to a database. I wrote it all myself, which wasn’t a great use of my time, and at a conference I heard about a tool that would do the same thing, plus so much more. That tool was Jekyll and now this site is generated by it.

I suppose the fact that I could do this illustrates the other side of my working life. I’m not recommending it over Wordpress, especially if you aren’t comfortable with installing software on your computer using the command line. But it was fun to play with, and it gave me a chance to play on a rare writing/software crossover project.