Gathering ideas

Phallic microphone looming over story dice.

The heart of this project is writing new material. I also want a mechanism to let me easily share my work as I go, including selling it (shock horror!), without getting hung up on finding an agent and getting published.

Patreon wants to be the place where you follow artists you like and get posts, photos, podcasts, video, merchandise, the whole shebang, without algorithms. I dig that idea. Social media is still there to be used — to be part of the conversations happening and to direct people there if they want to know more.

I’m going to keep updating my website in parallel with Patreon public posts. I’m not willing to give up on the free web just yet. Offering more to people who pay for the Weird and Wonderful tier seems like an obvious thing to do. I’m going to continue posting my SEEN, READ lists for them, as well as new short fiction and whatever else I can think of.

(I played with a private podcast eighteen months or so ago - those episodes are still available on the paid-for tier. It was cheap and cheerful. I think I could do better now. And I still have the microphone, looking a bit more phallic than I remember, looming over the story dice…)