Jaws (1975)

Nostalgia. This film is forever linked to my childhood and watching it over and over again, recorded from TV on a battered VHS tape. I wanted to watch it with a 55” television in HD, to see what these old films look like now.

And it’s astonishing. The locations come to life in new ways, the actors faces sparkle and glisten — it’s like stepping back into the actual seventies. The water and sky, which are shot with great care, take on new life. It was always a classic story told in a dynamic new way, but the details HD throws up on a decent-sized screen, man, it’s probably better quality than seeing it in the cinema in 1975. The score is smart, lifting the drama brilliantly but otherwise staying out of the way. It still feels modern. The shark special effects hold up. The script is simple and perfect. Awesome.