I tweet way too much. Longer form pieces go here or on Patreon. Recording the podcast was fun, but not structured enough to stay interesting. I still write in my notebook every day, but recently that’s been less creative writing and more organising the job move. It’s been an amazing year for my software career, but it’s driven my writing practice into a ditch. However, I am still rolling that boulder of a novel up the mountain.

Musk’s takeover of Twitter has shaken me up. There are alternatives that do different things — Substack is particularly interesting, and seeing George Saunders on there is inspiring. I don’t know enough about how it works yet. Perhaps it’s a better fit for writers than Patreon.

My dopamine-chasing years on Twitter are coming to an end. I’ve created a microblog that cross-posts to Twitter, so I at least have control of everything I put on there if it goes up in flames. I like the idea of somehow adding it here. We should all own what we publish, whether we think of ourselves as writers or not. Leaving Twitter will be hard, though, and I might not leave completely. It’s still too important as a connector of people. There’s nothing else like it.

Everything still goes on Twitter, but on the microblog first, and maybe in time there only. No likes, no retweets, no analytics, no follower count. I might get a proper URL, and maybe smoosh it into this website, but over time.

Or maybe I’ll stay on Twitter. Let’s see what that fucker Musk does next.