The Complex

Michael Walters | Author

October 2020

It’s been a year since The Complex was published. Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy, or loaned it from their library. I really appreciate your support.

I’m writing my second novel, and as a side project I am once again taking part in #31DaysOfHorror. Instead of watching a film every day in October, which is the pure form of the challenge, I’ve started three weeks early. This is for my mental health, and so I can make a decent attempt at writing something about each of them as I go along.

There’s not long to go. I’m excited. Follow me on Twitter, and let me know if you’re doing #31DaysOfHorror.

Latest blog posts

  • 31 Days of Horror, 2020

    31 Days of Horror, 2020

    06 Sep 2020

    With 2020 being a demented shitshow, I did fleetingly wonder if I wanted to do #31DaysOfHorror again this year, but then I remembered why I love horror films — they are an escape from reality; they are an outlet...

  • Reality Bites

    Reality Bites

    12 Jul 2020

    I first watched Reality Bites when it came out in 1994, the summer of my final year at university. I’d finished cramming for my exams and it was obvious I wasn’t going to be an...

  • Writers on lockdown

    Writers on lockdown

    25 May 2020

    I was interviewed by author CR Dudley on the website of her independent press, Orchid’s Lantern, about being a writer in the current lockdown. She asked some fascinating questions, and it was a lot of fun. Please have...

  • Leaving Rebecca

    Leaving Rebecca

    18 May 2020

    It’s hard to pinpoint when I stopped reading Rebecca. I started it in the middle of April, and I chose it for many reasons: lots of people I like and admire loved it; I wanted to read something from the...

  • Website as digital garden

    Website as digital garden

    16 May 2020

    I’m doing okay in my little lockdown bubble. We live in a relatively rural spot, we have a garden, and we are working remotely pretty successfully. The days are going by fast — they all feel very similar, whether work...

  • The inner Wonder Woman

    The inner Wonder Woman

    21 Apr 2020

    Last night, I had a deep dream of stasis and being held. I seemed to accept it, though there was a suggestion of pressing against constraints. I can’t remember any details. It’s a feeling from a fragment.

  • My favourite five books of 2019

    My favourite five books of 2019

    17 Apr 2020

    In 2019, on Goodreads, I set myself the challenge of reading 52 books. I succeeded — I wanted to read more, and the challenge did the trick. There were periods where I hardly read at all, and to stay on...

  • A walk around my writer’s block

    A walk around my writer’s block

    12 Apr 2020

    It took me thirty years to get from wanting to write a novel to finishing one. I walked away from writing several times, but I always came back, because deep down I knew it was a vital part of who...

  • Escape room

    Escape room

    31 Mar 2020

    I wrote a fun post about how I write and the room I write in, prompted by some great questions by Georgina Bruce. There are lots of others in her escape room series and I recommend them....

  • First post, best post

    First post, best post

    29 Jan 2020

    I find it liberating to write whatever is next in my thoughts. The train doesn’t ever stop, not even for sleep, and for me, capturing some of that stream in a notebook bucket allows me to read those thoughts with...