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Copies of The Complex and Signal on a desk with plants

Getting a book published felt wonderful, but getting a book read was another challenge altogether. There are seemingly infinite books fighting for attention, and larger publishers have marketing budgets, so independent publishers struggle to get their books noticed in the mainstream media.

The chapbook you can see in the picture is a short story that came out with Nightjar Press. It had a limited print run of 200 copies and is now sadly/wonderfully sold out.

The Complex

The Complex is my debut novel, and you can buy it direct from Salt Publishing, or Amazon in the UK, and of course BOOKSHOPS.


And of course, there are all the reviews at Goodreads and Amazon.

Quotes from the book cover

Luke Kennard, author of The Transition:

“The Complex is a lucid, menacing and utterly captivating novel, as elegantly designed as a labyrinth but as touching and human and chaotic as your own mind. Its hypnotic blend of technological horror and psychological accuracy, the intensity of its troubled characters and deeply eerie location worked its way into my dreams and I don’t think it’s going away. Like the very best speculative fiction it feels less like speculation than a present-day novel somehow transported back to us from the near future, not so much to warn us as to let us see more clearly where we are now.”

Lucie McKnight Hardy, author of Water Shall Refuse Them:

“Captures the elusive nature of dreams and nightmares brilliantly. It’s original, cinematic, and very clever.”

Trevor Mark Thomas, author of The Bothy:

“Enigmatic and unsettling, with elements of Black Mirror and J.G. Ballard, The Complex is a gripping tale about the chilling, disorientating effect of technology on our lives.”