Strip Nude For Your Killer (1975)

A woman nervously walks around a deserted photography studio.

A hard left turn down an alleyway into a softcore giallo. This might be a spoiler, but the killer did not require anyone to “strip nude”, although there is a tremendous amount of sleazy sex, admirably straightforward nudity, and comically leering men. Sometimes the algorithm wears you down, and the familiar cover art catches you in a vulnerable moment, and you choose a film that you know will be bad… except it’s good!

God, the men are awful in this film, but the characters all work for a seventies fashion agency, so this was probably not far from reality. A woman dies of a heart attack while having an illegal abortion and two men make it look like she died in her bath at home. That night a killer in black motorcycle leathers and helmet kills the doctor, then begins to systematically dispatch everyone at the agency where the dead woman worked.

Each character gets some time to shine, and much comeuppance is had alongside the sex. The male protagonist is a dreadful human being, and I kept asking the beautiful, smart woman working with him (the luminescent Edwige Fenech) why she found him so attractive, but it was probably the same reason I kept watching this film — it’s never dull, there’s always an interesting angle, and it’s endless eye candy.

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