Escape room

I wrote a fun post about how I write and the room I write in, prompted by some great questions by Georgina Bruce. There are lots of others in her escape room series and I recommend them. She also has a short story collection out, This House of Wounds and a novella, Honeybones, with TTA Press.

This month I’ve spent an awful lot more time than usual in my escape room. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed all of us back into our homes, and my writing room is now where I also do software development work for my employer. I returned to work full-time this month after several years using my Fridays to do the school run and be around in school holidays. I commute for three hours every day, so I arranged to work from home on Fridays. Well, now I’m working from home every day, as is my wife, and the children are home too.

I’m not complaining. I know how lucky we are. Now I need to figure out how to make the room I write in an escape room again.