Lockdown, Part 2

Halloween has been and gone, Bonfire Night is cancelled, and I’m writing a pep talk to myself as in England we go into another lockdown. It’s shit we have to do it, but we do, and better late than never. These are tough times and these periods of isolation are hard on the spirit.

I have a novel to write, a pile of books to read, and films to watch. I also have a family with me, and I continue to do my software development job from home. This is probably the future of my line of work, which I have mixed feelings about. I’ve lost my morning cup of sanity coffee at Caffe Nero, but I’m healthy, my family are healthy, and I can pay the bills. I feel grumpily grateful.

So, do what you need to do to stay safe and sane in whatever situation you find yourself in. The world is full of good people, and this will pass.