Trust your enthusiasms

It’s been a highly unusual period for me since pausing the podcast. After fourteen years in my day job, I am finally leaving. My new role is still coding, but instead of being in Higher Education I’m going to be a consultant with a subsidiary of a global corporation. The PRIVATE SECTOR. It’s taken a lot of effort to make the change–I hadn’t had a job interview in a long time. I’m amazed at what I’ve done. It’s exciting.

I’m also writing in the mornings. The novel continues to come into focus, and I wonder if that’s because I’m taking charge of my career too. I’ve been guilty in the past of compartmentalising the energies in my life, but it’s all one energy source, and I wonder how much I’ve been holding my writing back by letting myself stay in one job too long. I’ve always been afraid that a new job would distract from writing, but if you’re not writing anyway…

I haven’t had time to think about the podcast and what I might do with it next. Someone tweeted the other day that podcasts are easy because you just talk, you don’t have to write, and maybe it was an avoidance move, but I definitely learned a lot.

I’m going to continue to trust my enthusiasms. I hope your creativity is in full flow too.