Writing jiggle

Scene from a table with people in a cafe

The photo above was taken this week in the bar at the City Screen cinema, York—I was sitting at the same table almost a year ago when I had the idea to become a creator on Patreon. I love little synchronicities like that. I also love any opportunity to take an anniversary to reflect. I’m pleased with the consistency with which I’ve posted to Patreon, but I feel guilty that I’m not giving enough value for people’s generous support, so I decided to jiggle things around.

There is now an extra, cheaper tier on my Patreon, Strange and Beautiful, for $3/£3 per month. I’d like more patrons in 2023, and to write more for them.

The existing Weird and Wonderful tier remains $5/£5 per month. (Yes, it’s more expensive in pounds now, Patreon adjusted the exchange rates.) This is where the podcast will live, and everything else, including new fiction. Patreon solves the problem of my reticence to publish fiction online. It’s private and paid for, so the ideal place to digitally self-publish pieces that can still go on to become other things.

My plan is to post to Mastodon with my usual daily shizz, to Twitter if something seems to need a wider audience, to this blog for longer reflective pieces, and to Patreon for everything else. People don’t seem to favour websites, even with RSS making a comeback, so it makes sense to cross-post my blog to Patreon. Then patrons can get everything in one place.

As an aside, I’m starting to see the positives of being on Mastodon. It’s a quieter, more civilised space, with lots of interesting people. The statistics are more hidden than on Twitter, so it’s less addictive, and there are fewer voices. I’m hopeful my relationships from Twitter will stay intact somehow no matter what happens. Musk will either kill Twitter or eventually bail.

It does all seem a little complicated, but I’m hopeful and excited to give it a go.